Welcome to Aspergian Pride, celebrating the existence and accomplishments of the Aspergian population. The word “Aspergian” is used on this site interchangeably with “autistic” to signify a cultural identity, not a medical condition. Our neurological differences can be viewed as a beneficial mutation, dating back to antiquity, which has contributed significantly to the development of humanity. We are a genetically distinct minority group with shared characteristic traits–in essence, a minority race.

We are involved in society. Some of us have university degrees and professional careers. Others have taken different paths; we have a wide variety of interests and abilities. Intellectual curiosity is a hallmark of the Aspergian mind. Whether or not in formal employment, we seek to improve our understanding of the world around us and to contribute our unique perspectives to the broader culture in which we live.

We care about our communities. Some of us are politically active or contribute regularly to charitable causes. Because we have experienced discrimination firsthand, we understand the harmful effects of prejudice. As many of us see it, acceptance of neurodiversity is as vital to a strong, pluralistic society as acceptance of ethnic and religious diversity.

We value our family ties. Some of us are married or in long-term relationships. Those of us who have children are concerned about finding meaningful educational opportunities that will nurture our children’s love of learning and prepare them for a productive future. An Aspergian child’s mind has the potential to make great contributions to our world.

We understand the importance of faith. Some of us are active members of our neighborhood churches, synagogues, or mosques. Others pursue spiritual journeys outside the organized religions. Like the rest of humanity, we contemplate our place in the universe and desire to find a meaningful purpose and pattern in our daily lives.

We are the people next door.

* This description of the Aspergian cultural identity was inspired by Aspergia.com. This site and Aspergia.com have no formal affiliation. Related material appears on this site with the permission of Edan and Aspergia.com.

** Many members of Aspergia.com used nicknames, which often highlighted a particular aspect of their character or interests.  Aspergian Pride’s administrator chose the name “Bonnie Ventura” to signify good fortune.